ClockClock 24 – White

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About Humans since 1982
With a diverse and complex practice that transverses art, design
and technology, Humans since 1982 defy easy categorisation.
Their experimental sculptures and installations are driven by a
shared curiosity and desire to make sense of the world, using
technology as a mechanism to explore our motivations and

anxieties. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, the growing interdisci-
plinary team comprises international specialists within technol-
ogy design and curation who collaborate to take Humans since

1982’s projects and exhibitions from concept to realisation.

About ClockClock 24
ClockClock 24 is both a kinetic sculpture and a functioning wall
clock. It has been a signature piece of Humans since 1982 since
it was first launched in 2015. The individual clock hands veer

from unpredictable, mechanical spinning to perfect synchro-
nization, illustrating a shifting choreography of disarray and

structure. Once each minute, the clock hands align to tell the
time as a digital clock.

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